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Dear Dr. Wirasinghe Thank you for the wonderful seminar on "decision-Making" that you delivered to our team. Being n Professional Development I am continually approached by consultants with products or messages that they want to share. Because of this...
Klein Independent School District
This book, The Art of Making Decisions, is a refreshingly new approach to decision-making. The seven-step method
is an excellent road map for a thought process that will result in the best decision possible with the information available.
Felix Spizale; General Manager-Texaco International Pipeline
Dr. Wirasinghe's book, The Art of Making Decisions, can help managers lead their staff through the maze of daily decisions found in any small or large business.
Dr. Doug Elliot; Bechtel Fellow; President and COO - IPSI LLC, A Bechtel Affiliated Company
Decision-making is an essential life-skill. This is a refreshingly new treatment of a complex subject. I found it very informative.
Dr. Michelle Michot Foss; Executive Director, Institute for Energy, Law & Enterprise, University of Houston
With simplicity, common sense, and eloquence, Dr. Errol Wirasinghe has presented in his book an irrefutable case for a sound decision-making technique
Edward A. Monto; Director, MetroBank; Chairman, Ex-Im Bank's 2002 Advisory Committee
Decision-making is an essential life-skill. The Art of Making Decisions truly helps a person to expand common sense and experience. It is easy to read, and the subject is well presented. This is a book every young professional should read.
Dr. Raul Monteforte; Commissioner, Comision Reguladora de Energia, Mexico
Dr. Wirasinghe's straightforward analysis, based on his many years of hands-on experience, has produced a valuable book on decision-making. This book provides invaluable information for students and professionals alike.
Dr. Garvin Wattuhewa; Physics Professor, Alabama School of Mathematics and Science
Often we make even complex decisions without much thinking, and repent later when they turn out to be wrong. This book handles the complex subject of decision-making in a lucid manner. I found the book very easy reading. Errol has succeeded to a great extent in making the process of decisionmaking into a science; and that too in a simple way.
Dr. Harry H. West; P.E.; CSP