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Business Decisions
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The quality of your decision will depend on the following:
1. Data & Information (problem domain)
2. Context Information
3. Creative options
4. Solution technique used, and
5. Expertise of the decision-maker
Additionally, the outcome will depend on the following:
1. Appropriate Timing
2. Adequate Resource
3. Commitment to Execution, and
4. Changing Circumstances/Environment
Corporate Applications
Project Management: Forming a Team; Selecting a Project Leader
Best Candidate for Office
Auto Dealerships: Help customers decide
Rating Agencies such as Consumer Report
Career Guidance & Counseling.
Human Resources Dept.: Hiring (Resume & Interviews) & Downsizing; Resource Allocation & Reassignment of staff; Promotions & Demotions; Determining Career Development, Training Needs & Priorities, Selecting Teams & Managers; Performance Evaluation & Bonus Payments; Turnover Analyses/Exit Interviews, etc.
The Real Estate Industry
Purchasing Dept.: For Bid Evaluation
Matchmaker/Dating Services
Wine-tasting: The present wine-rating system is based on the premise that "one-rating suits all palettes". XpertUS will allow users rank wines to fit their own preferences.
Newspaper Editors: Editors of daily newspapers has to struggle everyday - trying to decide on which articles should go in on the next day. XPT can be used to satisfy the newspaper's criteria - and recommend (by ranking) which articles should go in. Subjectivity would be minimized
Jury Selection
Detectives and Investigators - ranking hunches and suspects
Beauty Contests
Allocating Investment Funds & Budget/Resource Allocation