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Professionally narrated online course on Decision-Making, approved for CEC by SHRM, PMI, Texas Education Agency, etc.
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Helping People Make Better, Defensible, Decisions

Dr. Wirasinghe delivered an outstanding workshop. His approach is very robust, and easy to use. It was one of the best sessions I had attended in my 20 year career as an Oil & Gas executive. We at Technip reply on this technique in our work.
Richard Jacobs. Ph.D. [MIT],V.P. Technology Applications
Technip, USA
Our employees were 100% focused on to what you were saying for the entire 4 hours! Your have mastered a difficult subject, and you delivered it with clarity and passion!
Dr. Gregers Larnaes, President and CEO,
Energy Solutions International - USA, UK, India, China
It is not often I see 250+ teachers listening eagerly and attentively to a speaker, for 3 hours. The ovation you received at the end of the keynote address, and the feedback I received from our staff was convincing proof of the value of "decision-making and creative thinking" in our daily activities.
Jannell Baker - Director Adult Education,
Harris County Dept of Education.
The item that took this class from a social learning experience to tangible training was the quantitative tools that were presented.These will allow me to focus my decisions in a manner that is justifiable and defensible.Any decision maker that might be called on the carpet needs this training to defend themselves and their decisions in a quantifiable manner
Keith L. Perrin,
SW Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation, USA
Dr. Wirasinghe´s holistic approach to decision-making is an efficient and effective alternative to the normal rating and matrix type of decision making models. Pairwise comparison is used in research and is justifiably useful as a credible decision-making tool for the project management, in the fields of planning and risk management.
Robert L. Rings, PhD, PMP,
Adjunct Professor at Univ. of So. Maine
This holistic approach offers a new decision-making framework that managers in a variety of enterprises, cultures, and countries are using to help ensure that the decisions they take are economically, socially, and environmentally sound. I recommend this course for both functional and technical leaders.
Cory L. Smith,
American Express
Your appearance on the Houston Business Show created a buzz among our listeners. Everyone needs more information about decision making and your appearance greatly resonated with our listeners. I would recommend you to any radio or TV talk show host.
Kevin Price, Host
Houston Business Radio Show